Quilt Block Mania 2024: Festa Block by Ships & Violins

What better way to kick off 2024 than with a party - a party-inspired block, that is. I'm excited to be one of several quilt pattern designers to participate in this year's Quilt Block Mania block hop. 

Each month, participating designers are tasked with designing a 12" finished quilt block inspired by a single theme. Below you'll have quick access to the other blocks using the listed links. Collect them all for a fun quilt finish!

My 'Party' Block Inspiration

January's theme is party, but before I got designing a fun and simple block for you, I wanted to ground my design in my Portuguese background. The theme immediately sparked memories of visiting Portugual's outdoor festivals or fairs called 'festas' or 'feiras.'

These events, often celebrating patron saints or local cities, are occasions to dress up and enjoy live entertainment, fireworks, vendors and eye-catching decor. Read about some of Portugal's popular festivals here

photo courtesy https://www.portugal.net/en/info/events-festivals-portugal/

Photo courtesy portugal.net

I took inspiration from the garland-lined cobbled streets (seen above) for my #quiltblockmania design this month. The foundation paper pieced pattern is a graphic view of the colourful corridors.

Imagine walking through a narrow street and lifting your eyes to see columns of blue sky peeking through long strands of bright garlands or streamers receding further down the street.

quilt block mania 2024 party block festa block by ships and violinsquilt mania block 2024 festa block designed by ships and violins 

About the Pattern

The Festa block is a great introduction into foundation paper piecing. The pattern includes loads of links to blog posts that will help you make the block, including a photo tutorial on how to foundation paper piece.

The block uses six fabrics, but you can change that as you see fit. Don't like the gradient look? Make your streamers all the same colour, or alternate them to reflect the colours of your country's flag. Whatever colour combination you decide, it's likely you can pull together enough from your fabric stash and scrap bin to complete the block. 

I've put together a few more colourways for you to mull over as you begin your Quilt Block Mania journey!

quilt block mania festa block mockups

And if you're feeling adventurous, try combining four or more Festa blocks to make a graphic wall hanging or quilt!

quilt block mania festa block combined into a wall hanging

Download Your Free Festa Block

Get started on your Festa block by subscribing to the Ships & Violins newsletter. The pattern will automatically pop-up once you've subscribed. Already a subscriber? Check your inbox for the download link or use the link above (it won't change your subscription in any way).

Share your makes by tagging @shipsandviolins in your Instagram posts or by using the hashtags #quiltblockmania and #festablock. 

More Quilt Block Mania Patterns 

Click on the links below to get access to party-inspired quilt block patterns by 16 fellow designers! 

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I can see this making a really cute wall size quilt !


thank you. this looks like it will be a lot of fun to make. happy new year.

Lori Smanski

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