Lectures & Workshops

Now booking for 2024/2025! Contact Cristina at info@shipandviolins.com for more information on the following lectures and workshops.


Thru-Quilting: My Journey Thru Modern Quilting

This trunk show will showcase quilts designed by Cristina De Miranda of Ships & Violins. The journey begins with a look at her improvised patchwork pillow covers inspired by a thru-hike of the East Coast Trail, and continues through her designs as a burgeoning modern quilt pattern designer. The show will include details about her inspiration, her approach to design, and how pursuing a creative business is not so different from a long walk in the woods.

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"The general musings after your presentation were "wow" and "excellent". Thank you for quitting your job to do this" says Maureen O., President Seymour Quilt Guild

"You were so honest and forthcoming about how you got to where you are and that really resonated with the membership," says Annette V., President, Ancaster Modern Quilt Guild


How to Grow a Design Idea

This lecture will provide practical strategies to help creatives grow a single design idea into a series of work. Cristina De Miranda of Ships & Violins will demonstrate how to unlock an idea or project into a multitude of design studies by exploring various techniques, by shifting project parameters, and by challenging some of our inherent assumptions about quilts and quilting. Join in and discover just how much wonder rests in a single idea.


"Our Sew Squad community really enjoyed your inspiring lecture. Immediately after the event, members were talking about how motivated they were to consider building out new creative ideas and to try your mind mapping techniques. It was an excellent talk. Thank you!” said Libs Elliott



Fundamentals of Foundation Paper Piecing

In Fundamentals of Foundation Paper Piecing students will learn the fundamentals of foundation paper piecing through a variety of exercises. The workshop will include information on how to read and prepare templates, how to optimize yardage and maximize scraps, how to sew and assemble templates with success, and various other tips and tricks. Students will apply these techniques to the class project: a wall quilt (24” square) of Ships & Violins’ pattern, Lyra’s Hymn. Students should not expect to finish the project during the workshop.

Fado Road Quilt: Skill Builder Course

In Fado Road Quilt - Skill Builder students will learn three quilting skills: strip piecing with accuracy, foundation paper piecing, and spinning seam allowances. All three techniques are used to make the Fado Road quilt by Ships & Violins.