Lectures & Workshops

Trunk Show

Thru-Quilting: My Journey Thru Modern Quilting

This trunk show will showcase quilts designed by Cristina De Miranda of Ships & Violins. The journey begins with a look at her improvised patchwork pillow covers inspired by a thru-hike of the East Coast Trail, and continues through her designs as a burgeoning modern quilt pattern designer. The show will include details about her inspiration, her approach to design, and how pursuing a creative business is not so different from a long walk in the woods.

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SAV-005: Iceberg Sightings (pictured) was featured in the Winter 2019 issue of Canadian Quilter Magazine

"Icebergs were often nestled in the calm waters of the bays we trekked - quiet and stoic reminders of the cold and windy coastal winters. Spotting one was always a great reason to pause for a snack as we watched them rock back and forth or traced their paths down the coast."



Fundamentals of Foundation Paper Piecing: Orion's Spur Workshop

In this workshop, students will learn the fundamentals of foundation paper piecing including: reading and preparing templates, various ways of cutting yardage, optimizing yardage, and how to sew and assemble templates with success. Students will apply various techniques to the class project: a wall quilt (24” square) of Ships & Violins’ pattern, Orion’s Spur. The workshop runs four to five hours depending on the students' needs.

Student testimonials:

"Great beginner FPP class. From the basics of your sewing area setup to the finished product."

"Great workshop. I finally understand paper piecing!"

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***Upcoming Foundation Paper Piecing virtual workshop July 13, 2022 and July 23 2022 at Fabric Spark in Toronto. 
Contact Cristina at info@shipsandviolins.com to schedule your lecture and workshop!