Fireside Chat with Cristina

Click to join in the Fireside Chat!
*Note that the software is optimized for desktops/laptops. You can still participate on your phone or tablet, but capabilities may be limited.
Quick Tutorial
1. Click the link and enter your name.
2. The software will automatically select your built-in speaker, microphone, and webcam. You will have the ability to turn these on and off while in the "lounge."
3. Click "Join the Gathering!"
4. Use your cursor keys to move your 2D avatar throughout the room. On a tablet, your cursor keys will appear in the bottom right of your screen.
How to Video Chat
5. When you approach another 2D avatar in the room, the video and audio will gradually fade in. You must be near another avatar in order to interact.
6. If you walk away from an avatar the audio and video will gradually fade away.
Written Chat
7. Click the icon below to view the room's chat room. All participants can view what is posted here.
Viewing Quilts and Links
8. When you approach a "note" or "quilt" on the wall. It will become highlighted in yellow. 
9. Press "x" to view.
10. Press "ESC" to exit.
Leave a Message on the Whiteboard
11. When you approach the white board it will become highlighted in yellow.
12. Press "x" to view.
13. Use the tools to leave a message!
10. Press "ESC" to exit.