The Mondrian Curves Mini Quilt Tutorial

The Mondrian Curves Mini Quilt Tutorial

I shared a tutorial on sewing inset half-circles during the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild’s virtual sewcial this weekend. I used my blocks for the guild’s QuiltCon Community Outreach Quilt as examples, and a fun, modern mini quilt revealed itself as I worked my way from block to block. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing it with you. Who doesn’t love a free sewing tutorial, anyway? 

Share your version on Instagram by using #mondriancurvesminiquilt or join the "Ships & Violins Quilt Patterns" Facebook Group and share with the SAV community!

If this pattern is a breeze, and you want to continue improving your technique try #thebadlandsquilt pattern next! Available here to MQG members.

Pattern Notes

  • Use a 1/4in seam allowance.
  • The wall hanging is constructed using (4) 12.5in sq blocks unfinished

Cutting Instructions

From orange (Clementine, Bella Solids):
(2) 13in x 13in squares (you can cut 13.25in squares if you prefer to trim your blocks)
From blue (Lapis, Bella Solids):
(2) 13in x 13in squares
From navy (Peacoat, Bella Solids):
(4) 1in x 12.5in strips
From light blue (Baby Blue, Bella Solids):
Cut (8) semi-circles of your preferred size (or download a template here).


Block Assembly

Step 1: Cut all four 13in x 13in squares into (1) 3in x 13in strip and (1) 10in x 13in rectangle.

Step 2: Pair the orange 3in x 13in strips with the blue 10in x 13in rectangle, and pair the blue 3in x 13in strips with the orange 10in x 13in rectangle. Sew each pair into a 12.5in x 13in block.

Step 3: Cut a rectangle perpendicular to the seam sewn in step two that measures 4in x 12.5in from each block.

Step 4: Rotate the 4in x 12.5in rectangle 180 degrees. Sew a 1in x 12.5in strip between the two rectangles from each block. Use the image below to compare your layouts. Trim your blocks to 12.5in square.



Prep Blocks for Curves

Step 5: With your blocks oriented as shown in the image above, place the arch template 2in in from the left edge of each block. Use your preferred marking tool to mark the block. Cut along the curve, and discard the cut piece.

Step 6: Rotate each block to the left. Place the arch template 2in in from the right edge. Mark the curve and cut. Your cut blocks will look like this:


Attaching Your Semi-Circles

Step 7: Crease the block along the curve by folding it in half (photo 1). Finger press to crease. Fold in each edge into the centre crease (photos 2 and 3). Finger press to crease. Repeat for the semi-circle.

how to sew curves for quilting
how to sew curves for quilting
how to sew curves for quilting


Step 8: Pin the semi-circle (right side down) to the blocks along the three creases. Match the bottom edge of the block with the edge of the curve, and pin as shown below.

 Step 9: Sew the semi-circle to the block using 1/4in seam. The concave section (the main block) will be face up when sewing. Take care not to stretch or warp the block as you sew, as there will be no opportunity to trim the block to size afterward. Gently shift the fabric so that it lays flats.

Step 10: Press the seam allowance toward the semi-circle.

Step 11: Attach the remaining seven semi-circles to the blocks in a similar manner.

Step 12: Sew the four blocks together as shown below. This unit will measure 24.5in square.


Customize It

Add a border: Sew 2in borders along the perimeter of the wall hanging.

Layout: Experiment with the layout of the blocks to get different effects.

Quilting: Continue the black details in your quilting to further emphasis the Piet Mondrian aesthetic!


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