Orion's Spur in Andover & Plan to Quilt Organizer Discount

We're nearly a month into the new year, and I've been furiously sewing since New Year's Day! 

(Read to the end for a sah-weet perk!)

orion's spur, ships and violins, unique modern star quilt pattern

NEW YEAR, NEW PROJECTS  Things have quickly shifted into high gear for Ships & Violins with the upcoming release of Orion's Spur, setting up my virtual booth for QuiltCon Together, and building an event that I hope - despite its unusualness - will be surprisingly delightful. 

ORION'S SPUR  Orion's Spur is the second design in the Constellations Series (header image). It's a paper piecing pattern similar to The Square of Pegasus and is set to release mid-February. My second version of the pattern will feature Andover Solids, Giucy Giuce's Spectrastic II, and one of my favourite backings yet - Girl Power for Riley Blake. I'll be making a baby size quilt for my one and only niece.

PLAN TO QUILT  I've teamed up with Shannon Orr of Eva Blake's Makery to offer you a discount on her newest edition of the Plan to Quilt organizer. I've filled in my first Quilt Plan with fabric swatches, pattern details, and cutting instructions for my second version of Orion's Spur. When I hit send on this newsletter, I'll be ready to skip into my studio and get sewing! Read more about the planner here.

Shannon Orr of Eva Blake's Makery to offer you a discount on her newest edition of the Plan to Quilt organizer.

andover century solids, giucy giuce spectrastic ii

girl power main fabric by riley blake

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