I'm a Guest On Shannon Fraser Designs' Blog

When Shannon @shannonfraserdesigns asked me to participate in her "What's in Your Sewing Bag" blog series, I quickly jumped at the opportunity. 

I met Shannon at QuiltCon Atlanta after years of following each other on IG. She's as lovely in person as you would expect. Friendly and upbeat - it was great to spend some time with her and share all the good vibes.

Check out the freshly published blog post to learn what I deem sewing bag essentials - including some special picks courtesy of my late grandmother. 
Cover image for what's in your sewing bag blog post by shannon fraser designs
 Above: I used Melanie Ham’s Zipper Boxed Pouch tutorial to make a set of three pouches in Ships & Violins colours – caramel and grey. I chose two prints from Ghazal Razavi’s new Seasons collection for FIGO Fabrics, and sewed in one of my cork labels to serve as a zipper tab.
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Cristina De Miranda

Cristina De Miranda has been crafting and creating since her early years watching Art Attack. A tactile world of colour, pattern, and design appeared before her when a colleague introduced her to quilting in 2018. Cristina quickly dusted off her sewing machine and dived into a plethora of designer fabrics. Today, she is totally and irreversibly immersed in a whimsical world called Ships & Violins.