Butterfly Waltz Quilt Pattern Release & a Creative Cameo

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What better day to publish your first blog post, then on a pattern release day.

Ships & Violins' second quilt pattern, Butterfly Waltz, is available today in Make Modern Magazine, an Australian-based mag dedicated to all-things quilting. Their 31st issue is digitally available here.

Many of you may not know that I pursued a career in writing for many years before dedicating myself to quilting. From poetry to reporting, I dreamed of becoming a writing rockstar. Despite my adoration for perfectly coupled words, and capturing the setting for an unlikely tale, I didn't have the drive to continue to make writing my sole purpose. When I discovered quilting it was as though all my interests and skills merged into a harmonic path in front of me.

The urge to write isn't what gets me to my cutting mat every day, but it plays an integral role in what I do, and who I am in this quilting community. Writing is like the dash of salt needed in any recipe: it's not necessary, but it enhances the experience.

All this to say, I'd like to share a creative writing piece with you, let's call it a creative cameo. Most times it's a story that inspires a quilt design, in this case, the design compelled me to write this poem.

Cast from leaves by 
a subtle wind, like flattened palms 
setting course for a blown kiss,
flew a symphony of butterflies.
Each stirred the cool autumn air
with a quick flutter, spinning coils of colour,
loose and lazy, between the pines.
One, two, three, they hopped across the sky, 
the beats and rests of their wings
eclipsed the tunes of revered composers
in both beauty and grace. And as their
admirers began to anticipate their cursive
rhythm, the butterflies were cast away again
by the forest's envious sigh.





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Cristina De Miranda

Cristina De Miranda has been crafting and creating since her early years watching Art Attack. A tactile world of colour, pattern, and design appeared before her when a colleague introduced her to quilting in 2018. Cristina quickly dusted off her sewing machine and dived into a plethora of designer fabrics. Today, she is totally and irreversibly immersed in a whimsical world called Ships & Violins.