Setting Up Your Workspace for Foundation Paper Piecing

foundation paper pieceing tips and tricks

When working on a FPP pattern it's worth organizing a workspace that allows you to flow freely between sewing, trimming and pressing. 

how to layout your sewing space when foundation paper piecing

      In the illustration above, I've depicted my workspace to serve as a reference before you get sewing your FPP pillows! Here are some key points to consider:

  • Place your cut fabric pieces along the top of your cutting mat.
  • Lower your ironing board and place it under the table, leaving about two feet of surface area to press on. 
  • Have a trash bin nearby for unusable scraps. 
  • A 12in ruler will suffice for trimming.
  • Keep a marking tool nearby to mark the wrong sides of solid scraps that are large enough to keep and reuse.

       In this layout, I can easily move from left to right and back again as I work to complete each template making the most of my FPP time!

Watch me walk through my own workspace here.

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